Kingsteignton Medical Practice

Repeat prescriptions

In order to process repeat prescription requests in the most timely and efficient manner, the way you order your prescription may need to change; the following methods are strongly encouraged:

Online Ordering

SystmOnlineSystmOnline Link – Visit our Online Services page on how to sign up.

Email – Send an email to [email protected] (Please include name, date of birth and items required)

The NHS App This app for smartphones can be used to order your medication.
(If you haven’t registered for the online service you can register for the NHS App from home using photo identification and a photo of your face. You can then use the app to order your medication.
More information can be found here Getting started with the NHS App

When you are requesting your items.

Inappropriate ordering places a huge strain on practice resources and staff time, as well as having an adverse impact on community pharmacy and could lead to medicines shortages. Therefore:

Please DO NOT: 

  • Request repeat medications ahead of normal time

(Your request will not be dealt with any earlier, you should order your prescription no more than 7 working days before you run out of medication)

  • Request extra medication

(National guidance from NHS England states that quantities of medication prescribed should be for no longer than is currently prescribed).

  • Request New/Infrequently used medication

(If you have had medicines in the past but have recovered sufficiently to have not needed them in the last six months then we will not issue without a full clinical review and then only if deemed necessary)

Please DO:

  • Only order what you actually need
  • Ensure that you have a Pharmacy nominated to dispense your prescriptions

(Without a “Nominated Pharmacy” the practice cannot send an electronic prescription to a pharmacy to be dispensed).

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 28th April, 2020