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Face Coverings

Following the announcement that everyone must wear Face Coverings in shops from Friday 24th July, we are receiving a number of requests from patients asking us for letters to say they should not be asked to do this because of their medical condition.

The Government guidance suggests that people will not need a letter for this, it should be enough for an individual to be taken at their word. This means GP’s are not required to provide letters of support for those who fall under the list of exemptions.

GP surgeries remains under considerable pressure as a direct result of the current challenges because of the coronavirus however, our priority remains focussed on providing direct healthcare to all our patients.

Further information can be found here

Some people cannot wear a face covering for legitimate reasons. An exemption card is a way of showing this without needing to explain.
Here you can download a card to print out yourself. If you don’t have a printer there is a photo version you can save to your phone.

More Information can be found here –